Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I promessed to post

Sorry everyone 
I did promise to post but I haven't… I've been meaning too I'm sorry. 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My New Blog

Hello Everyone and welcome to my new blog!

(I know its not on typepad I'll get to that later)
Yes I made a new blog... If you followed my old blog which was hop, skip and a jump to Blythe well you know I didn't post on it much, but I promise I will post on this on (I promise {cross my heart and hop to die [I really truly promise]}) If you find anything hard to read or have any issues assessing anything ( or just want to chat) please tell here or or if you already have another of my email address just send me an email or leave a comment telling me what the issue is ( because i don't want anyone having a difficult time)

Now onto about me YAY (not boring talk)!

My name is Madeline Kingsley, I'm 13 years old and i have a Blythe obsession (which is not my fault i only bought 2 of my blythe dolls). I have a least 13 Blythe dolls most are stock and i have a few factory girls and 3 custom Blythes. I went to Blythe fest this year and met the lovely Emily Wind (Emily's blog emily jane) and her just as lovely mother Janelle (Janelle's blog The Janelle Wind Collection) there! It was so much fun! (blog post about Blythe fest next. Just need to upload the photos off my camera) I like inspirational quotes and basically any quotes. And if I don't post I'm probably busy with school or I'm busy with school

Well I hope you enjoy my blog

( still haven"t finished the background will soon)